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Dirkjan Strip Mailing List

This blogpost is mainly for Dutch (speaking) people (although I’ll
still keep the blogpost in English.) As I’m sure you’re all well-aware,
Dirkjan is an awesome Dutch comic.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the weekly feed from Veronica.
Naturally, not wanting to check the website every week, I came up with a very
simple Dirkjan Feed in the shape of a Mailing List. Of course this is not
so much a mailing list, as it’s mostly one-way traffic, but it’s a fun way to
keep up-to-date with two Dirkjans a week!


Having said that, one can subscribe here simply by filling out
the email address. Other information is optional and not very interesting.
(Yes, the website is a bit ugly – it’s the default mailing list manager.)

By subscribing you agree to being awesome (given you’re interested in reading
Dirkjan) and the legal disclaimer on the bottom of this blogpost.


As I’ve only just set up the mailing list, I do not know exactly when new
comics will arrive, but it looks like it will be every Tuesday. Please, when
, do not panic – the comics will come eventually! (Just

Legal stuff

I’m not affiliated with Veronica in any way. Any damage done through this
Dirkjan Email Feed is at your own responsibility. I do not intend
to damage Veronica in any way.

That’s all, and have fun reading Dirkjan. Dirkjan is awesome :)

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